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To make it easier for officials to proactively review and request open game assignments, the WBOA uses a shared Google Sheet for scheduling purposes of sub-varsity and youth games. Review the Google Sheet proactively, and feel free to request to work future games as your schedule permits.


You have full access to all games and dates listed in the Google Sheet.


You have full access at any time to request and work the games listed in the following tabs of the Google Sheet.

  • Sub-Varsity (JV-JV2)

  • Miscellaneous Assignments

For all other tabs, any open games are available to non-WBOA members 7-10 days before games are played.

While I do review your # of years licensed and current classification on the WIAA website, I need each official to be honest with themselves and only request games for which they are qualified to work. Please bookmark this page for easy access and future reference to available games. There are additions on a regular basis.



  • Make you "Sign-In" to the browser you are using. While you can 'Comment' on games you are interested in working, logging in is REQUIRED to receive a return email after your assignment is confirmed. After confirming you are signed into your browser, navigate to any sheet/event/game(s) you want to work. Available games are noted by empty yellow cells.

  • 'Right Click' on an open yellow cell, select 'Comment', and note that you are available to work. Click the 'Comment' button to submit your request to me, NOT the green check mark. I will receive a notification of your Comment, confirm the assignment, and I will then add your name to the empty cell. Note that you are NOT able to 'Edit' the document and add your name directly into an open cell, you can only 'Comment'.

All Comments will be responded to within 24 hours


Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.


Sub-Varsity / Youth Assignor


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