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Established in 2012, the WBOA was formed to provide a comprehensive instructional program to prepare individuals for officiating basketball. WBOA's mission includes upholding, encouraging, and promoting high ethical standards among institutions, spectators, participants, coaches, and officials involved in the game of basketball.

The WBOA has partnered with the California Basketball Officials Association (CBOA) and the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) to provide its member with high school training materials unparalleled in the industry. Using technology, curriculum-based instruction, video training, and online testing, WBOA provides its members the greatest platform for improvement and success. WBOA is registered as a 501(C)(3) non-profit charitable organization.


Josh Manske 2.jpg

Josh Manske


John Logue 2.jpg

John Logue

Board Member At-Large

Tom Bray 2.jpg

Tom Bray

President-Elect / Youth Assignor

Bobby Von Rueden 2.jpg

Bobby Von Rueden

Board Member At-Large

Steve Luebke 2.jpg

Steve Luebke

Board Member At-Large

Lance Losenegger 2.jpg

Lance Losenegger

Board Member At-Large




Jason Dahl 2.jpg

Jason Dahl

2019 - 2022

Andy Gallion 2.jpg

Andy Gallion

2014 - 2016

Steve Lyles 2 RIP.jpg

Steve Lyles

2018 - 2019

Ken Schimpf 2.jpg

Ken Schimpf III

2012 - 2014

Jeff Lewis 2.jpg

Jeff Lewis

2016 - 2018

In Memory of Steve Lyles.jpg
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