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  • You MUST be certified with the WIAA and registered for basketball in order to work games for the WBOA.
    This must be renewed annually (starting in May) and runs from Aug.1st – July 31st.

  • The WBOA membership year runs between Aug. 1st -July 31st and must be renewed annually beginning on Aug. 1st

  • The WBOA recommends that new officials be at least high school age and have reliable transportation to / from games.


Complete the following two FREE online courses:

  • Interscholastic Officiating

  • Officiating Basketball

Once these online training sessions are completed,
please forward the .pdf completion certificates to Tom Bray.

NFHS Learn


As part of your onboarding experience, NEW official’s are required to shadow a mentor official for a minimum of three games. The goal is to get the shadow officials practical on-court experience with officiating. The ‘shadow’ official will literally shadow the ‘mentor’ official up and down the court, while the mentor official talks through what they are looking at, talks about primary court coverages, reviews proper mechanics, and discusses all officiating and game management techniques. If you are both comfortable, the roles can be reversed for the third game and the shadow can act as the primary official with the mentor official trailing and offering pointers. Once the shadowing is complete, the mentor officials will provide feedback to Tom Bray.  Upon approval shadow officials will be able to begin working games on their own. 

  • NOTE: This step can be skipped if you have previous officiating experience. Typically, ‘experienced’ means between
    25-50 youth or sub-varsity level games. Please send a note to Tom Bray outlining any previous officiating experience.


In the interest of continuing your officiating education with the WBOA, the WBOA occasionally will schedule a senior official to observe one of your games. The goal is to provide practical on-court feedback for you. The senior official will watch one of your games and provide feedback to you at both halftime and at the end of the game. This as an opportunity to improve and receive positive feedback on what you are doing well and constructive feedback on areas to focus on for improvement as you work to become a better official. Please respect that these individuals are taking time out of their day to help you improve. The WBOA always looks forward to continuing to invest in you and to have you invest in yourself as you progress on your officiating journey.


Per WBOA protocol, officials will wear all black pants

(no shorts, belts, belt loops, sweats, etc.) and all black shoes

(no white/other color markings or soles, etc.), and use a black

Fox40 whistle and lanyard. WBOA requires officials to wear pants

November 1st - March 30th. Appearance is important.

  • NEW OFFICIALS: The WBOA offers ‘slightly used’ apparel to
    beginner officials at no charge on an ‘as available’ basis to help
    as you start your officiating career. Contact Jon Grandelis for
    more information on available apparel.

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